Aaron Cohn

Running through walls to help founders + create experiences worth talking about.

Partner at Quiet Ventures.
Humanizing productivity at Rooster.
Co-organizer of Founders Friday NYC.
Empowering moms to create side-projects.
Purveyor of Picnics.
Renter of ski mountains.
Occasional app builder.
Entrepreneurship Adjunct at Binghamton.
Helper of startups & humans.


A few websites I've built...

Killian & Company: for award-winning event producer & SummerStage founder Joe Killian

ValuesCulture: people & culture consulting for high-growth startups

Workplace Wingmen: career mentoring services for international students

autoBff: mobile app to automatically followup with new people you meet

Juliana's Anglers: a women's outdoors club

Evertrue Ventures: angel investment group for Brown University alumni

FirstGeneration VC: community for first-generation immigrant founders in NYC

Mathew Glick Legal Services: NYC legal services

Founders Friday NYC: weekly event series featuring top NYC startup founders

Starry: your family's partner for bedtime stories (launching early 2019)

Current Projects

Quiet Ventures
a venture studio above the noise

never forget to follow-up

fill out a form, get a website

send invites via SMS

previous projects:
happybot.ai 😵 (dead; now sadbot)
LaundryPuppy (acquired 2014)
NYC Salon (going strong)
Long Island Ultimate (going strong)


I'm fairly friendly 👋

Drop me a note at aaron@quietventures.com

Or better yet, put time on my calendar.

I generally block off my Thursday afternoons to be helpful


Hi there!

Glad you found your way to me. Bios are confusing to write, but I like bullet points and lists, so here are some of those.

I enjoy nerding out on:

The psychology of motivation and change
Neuroscience and eastern practices (meditation, yoga, etc)
Storytelling through data
My work is to serve others. I do that through a mix of:

Growth strategy consulting for founders of mission-driven companies
1:1 coaching for high-achievers seeking meaning and balance
Writing and other creative pursuits
Typical resume stuff:

Stanford Graduate School of Business MBA
Previously at Bain & Company, sweetgreen & Warby Parker
Free time passions:

Rock climbing, indoor & outdoor
Mysore Ashtanga
Drawing, by which I really mean doodling
Mindfulness, quiet time in nature
If you're interested in working with me, please contact me directly at